Power  of  99

About 99

All these questions and more answered here...read on!

Let's start from the bottom up - one of our mottos anyway!

The name

Well, my name is Dan. I founded this company in summer 2020, yeah that weird year with COVID-19, BLM and the recession. I've got a long history of surfing beautiful waves around the world, living the dream life, but also of battling depression and social anxiety. Which never made things easy, but on the way I've learned a lot and I'm here to share this wisdom with you.
The name "Power of 99" is derived from the power that lies in the people. When we get together we can do anything. At the moment it seems like we're at the mercy of the rich 1%. But this is about to change, we are the change - we, the 99 percent.
Essentially as you can read this is about change towards a system that works for us instead of us working for the system. Trade and capitalism so far has ruined our relationships, communities, natural resources and more. So we need a different system, as this one is not serving us and is going to collapse either way.

The pricing

What we try to achieve here is a transformation of capital, a transition that creates a mindshift from scarcity and separation to abundance and community. Therefore we don't offer regular pricing, but a new way. Pay-what-you-want is one option as we need a transition, so we partly rely on money.
But that's not enough, we also offer pay-IF-you-want. That means our services can - by choice - be free to you. All we ask then is to pass on a favour in a pay-it-forward system. That way we change the way we deal with each other with an approach of bottom-to-top instead of top-to-bottom.
Why we do it like this is simple. There's a joy in giving, in gratitude, and it creates community. After all you can't buy happiness, but we can create it together. We believe experienced that by being a positive example, not only many will follow, but we lead a much more fulfilled life.

What we do

In a wrap, we do webdesign, coding, programming, business advice and general consulting - could even be simple life advice. We are here to serve and with our price system in place we make sure to survive while needing less and less materialistic stuff - because giving already fulfills our dreams. No need to indulge, waste, spend and comfort ourselves through money-slavery.