Power  of  99

99  Pricing

We offer the following two ways of payment - it's up to you!


You receive our services for free, no donations accepted.

We'll hand you a Free Pass, so you can (if you want to) explore the joy of giving to others as well - fully without obligation or expectation. The Free Pass is a card to remind you of the gift you've received and to remind you to pass it forward. It's called the gift culture, which perpetuates the idea of abundance, joy, gratitude and community and is in stark contrast to trade.


After delivery you can choose how much you want to pay.

We kindly ask you not to pay for the product/service, but to contribute to our livelihoods considering your own financial situation too. We will take 10% of your payment and donate to an environmental NGO of your choice in order to offset the CO2 produced in the process of our work.